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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is these sneakers authentic?
A: These are normal grade copy original/replica. 

Q: What's the difference between replica and original pair?
A: Replica means that appearance looks like with original, but quality will be different as the material used are different. There will still be some appearance difference or minor defect on our normal grade replica (eg: colour tone, glue stain) but it can't be easily spotted when you wore them on feet. Minor defects are consider normal on normal grade replica.

Q: What is 1:1 real boost high grade?
A: 1:1 UA grade is higher quality replica. These sneakers are made from better material and real boost. Thus, the shoes is softer, more comfortable to wear and have longer lifespan. They got most detail fixed so it is harder to spot the difference between 1:1 high grade and original pair. (But don't expect it to be 100% same with original pair) If you have budget, you can go for 1:1 real boost high grade sneakers. If not, normal grade sneakers are good enough. You can contact us if you want 1:1 high grade sneakers because we mainly offers normal grade on our website only.

Q: Can I request for refund if I don't like the sneaker or if I ordered a wrong size? 
A: Please read the Return Policy.

Q: What is the shipping fees? 
A: Free shipping fees to whole West Malaysia! For East Malaysia customers, you only have to add extra RM6 for first pair and RM4 for following pair!

Q: How long it takes to ship?
A: For ready stock, it takes 1-3 working days to arrive. For pre order, it takes around 7-10 working days to arrive to your doorstep! Just wait patiently for your favourite pair of sneaker to arrive! 

Q: Do you ship to other countries except Malaysia? 
A: Yes! We ship worldwide! Please contact us to get the best shipping rate to your country!

Q: Do you provide COD service?
A: COD only available in Kepong Brem Mall. We will use courier service if you unable to make it in this location.

Q: Do you have other model/brand/colourway? 
A: Yes! Please drop us a message or send us the photo of the brand/colourway/model you wanted that can't be found on our website.

Q: Where can I view actual stock photos?
A: Please view it on our Facebook Page here.

Q: Does your business open for Dropship? 
A: Yes! Dropship agents are always welcomed! Read more at here.